Map Name: Feud
Author: SuperCrazy

Reviewed by: Vengeance

I reviewed SuperCrazy's first map Alpha over a year ago. It wasn't brilliant, but like many first maps, it showed the author had potential. Feud is another great testament to what perseverance can achieve. Anyone who has made a map and feels like giving up should download Alpha and then Feud. Then they'll see what you can achieve if you stick at it.

From now on, a lot of my reviews are going to be a lot shorter and hopefully, concise. This is especially true of maps which have no problems with them. Feud is a good example of this. SuperCrazy has obviously spent a lot of time between his first map learning how to improve on various areas of level design. And it shows.

Technically, I can't find fault with it. Feud is very professionally made. It has taken into account the limits of the engine, and as a result, the r_speeds are always well within acceptable limits. Texturing is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the map. The custom textures have been used very well and create a strong and consistent theme. In terms of alignment, I can find no faults.

The lighting in Feud is very well done and creates a nice sense of ambience. There’s some wonderful use of subtle coloured lighting. The glow from the lava as a light source helps to break any monotony. Also there’s some nice use of various lighting effects. Architecture and brushwork are also very professional and non-intrusive on gameplay. Overall, Feud is a very nice looking map. Its good to see some use of ambient sounds as well, which help to create a thick atmosphere.

In terms of gameflow, the level has excellent connectivity. The only time you ever need to double back is when picking up one of the better weapons, or armour. Which brings me on to the other highlight. Feud has utilized the concept of risk incentive (yes I going to keep going on about it) much to its advantage. The use of hazards and traps is the most obvious example of this. But also, more subtle techniques, such as doubling back help to strengthen this and create a wonderfully balanced map.

Overall, a virtually flawless map. But here comes the criticism, and this is totally subjective. I'm not a huge fan of the industrial/gothic theme used in Feud. A more imaginative theme would make Feud really stand out from the crowd. But please don't let this detract from your enjoyment of Feud in any way.

Congratulations to SuperCrazy on creating such as professional map. I'm very anxious to see what he'll have to offer us in the future.


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