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Map Name: Fun House
Author: Peter Manson
Review Date: 29/4/2001

reviewed by VeNgEaNcE

Funhouse is the eleventh map from level design veteran Peter Manson. Peter's levels are a bit of a mixed bunch. Some of them are large, clearly themed maps which tend to concentrate more on the gaming environment, (such as his superb last release, Plateau) whilst others are small levels, which focus more on gimmicks. Fun House is unfortuanly the latter. In his readme file, Peter describes the level as a "simple map, for messing around" which is absolutly dead on. As we shall soon see, Fun House is fun for a while, but the gimmicks soon wear off.

Fun House is a symetrical, arena styled map which centers mainly on a building in the middle of the level, which seems to be the Fun House of the title. At the base of the fun house are four tunnels which suck players in and blow them out again at the top. To the sides of the house are familiar Peter Manson style launch pads which help the player to get around much quicker.

Architecture is nothing spectacular, especially when we look at some of Peter's previous levels. The fun house itself is well built, the large arches on the roof are a nice touch which stops the level seeming plain. Lighting isn't bad, but again, it is nothing specacular, however the level is well lit and it is easy to find your way around. Texturing is well done and holds the overall look of the map together. I understand choice of title for the map, but I think the level would have greatly improved if he expanded the level slightly and we actually got to see more of the interior of the house.

Weapon placement is good and there is plenty of ammo to go around. More destructive weapons are placed in harder to reach places and ammo is well spread out, encouraging flow.

Connectivity and flow are good. The tunnels and launch pads make the map a lot faster to play and you never find yourself in a situation where you have to stop.

R_speeds range from about 200 to a slightly uncomfortable 900. However with most people running on high spec machines now (apart from myself and a few unlucky others) this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Fun house isn't a bad level and it's a good teaser whilst we wait for the next big Peter Manson release. It uses some interesting tricks that can be put to use in later levels. The main problem with Fun House is lastability. This map can be fun to play at first, but the gimmicks soon wear off and the map loses its appeal.

Funhouse is worth a look if you want to have a bit of fun with a few players, but I advise you to stay with Peter's superior levels, such as Plateau.