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Map Name: Obsolete
Author: ReNo [Duncan Blair]
Review Date: 1/5/2001

reviewed by b-nutz

I can remember my first release way back when. A couple of buildings, some decently placed weapons, some swimming pools. It took me 6 hours to figure out how to make something rotate! I'm happy to say that the good guys over at Radium (RIP) gave me a 15/100. I was damned proud, too!

Obsolete by Duncan Blair happens to fit into an entirely different category than the typical first release. There's few to no mistakes, while retaining it's simplicity. In fact, it's quite a good attempt.

The level itself is small and rectangular with some vertical elements. It's a fairly plain looking arena with very few textures and almost has a generic Half-Life/Quake 2 feel. A few more textures would have been welcome, as well as a bit more light. The structures are pretty solid and it resembles your typical "neo-industrial" setting. It is somewhat boring, to be honest, and there's a couple of doors scattered about that I really wish you could enter. They are very inviting, but alas, no entry.

Well, with the negativity out of the way, I must again say that this is a great attempt at a first level. The author seems to have a good handle on entities so far, as there are random sound effects and a couple of simple, yet functional jump-pads. The lighting is done nicely, albeit a bit dark, using a couple of appropriate light textures and he managed to avoid any major brush errors. The flow of the level is quite nice, too. There are some very nice curved platforms and you can race around the lower level without getting stuck on a corner. Once the tau cannon has been found via one of the jump-pads, access to the upper levels and jump-pack is quite simple.

The r_speeds were ok, jumping a little high in some spots, but that shouldn't be a problem if no more than 6 people are playing. Actually this map would be a hoot with about 8 people floating around, a bloodbath in fact, which is good.

I'm going to have to give this guy a well-deserved "C" for an awesome performance on his first release. Keep 'em