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Outlaws is based on the game of the same name by Lucasarts. The readme tells us that this map is based on the first level of the game. Having never played the original I can't tell you how good a conversion it is, so I'll just review it like I would any other new map.

Architecture is well made and makes the map much more intereasting, the authors use of sloped roofs and realistic terrain makes Outlaws seem more authentic. Freelance has included a few custom textures taken from Outlaws, but this doesn't make the map look any better. Texturing is fairly repetetive and most of the buildings only use one texture. The ground texture outside looks strange and overstretched. Whilst this has helped to keep the map running fast, it look really ugly in places. Lighting is unfortuantly another low point. It has been executed with little thought or imagination. A lot of the indoor areas are way too dark. Playing this map with flashlights turned on is recommended. Overall Outlaws is well constructed but severly lacks atmosphere and is not very nice to look at.

The r_speeds keep low throughout most of the map. The highest I ever saw them get was 550. Flow is generally quite good, but the dark areas are hard to find your way around and slow down the flow. Connectivity is pretty much average. In some areas it is quite good and you are provided with muliple exits. But most of the time the map is fairly linear and you feel like you are being led around. Weapon placement is one of the maps biggest flaws. The problem is the lack of weapons and ammo pickups.
You can run round for quite a while without picking up anything. With several players all trying to get decent weapons, just trying to find one can become quite a challenge.

Overall, Outlaws is well built and has an intereasting design. However it has many major flaws which prevent it from being fun to play