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Map Name: Turmoil
Author: Gumaro "SE7EN" Ruiz
Review Date: 25/6/2001

reviewed by VeNgEaNcE

Turmoil is the first release from Gumaro Ruiz and is an excellent first attempt, however like most maps released these days it lacks the ingenuity and creativity required to make it last in the minds of the players.

SE7EN must have played a lot of deathmatch levels and studied them well as Turmoil has all the elements of a good hardcore DM map. Connectivity is excellent with every area having multiple exits. The level is also well layered making it flow well in all dimensions. Turmoil is best suited for small 1 on 1 matches and will go down well with fans of Scary One's map, Scary_2. Weapons are placed well and all spawn points are close to fairly decent weapons. Ammo is well spread out meaning that campers will have a pretty hard time to dominate this level (thank God for that!). The more powerful weapons are placed in hard to reach places and expose the player whilst they are trying to reach them.

Lighting is executed well, no part of the level seems over or under lit. Architecture is very excellent for a first attempt turning something which could have been quite bland into a nice looking map. Texturing is well done and the textures chosen blend well. The overall look of the map is good and the texturing complements the lighting and architecture well.

R_speeds aren't too bad but for such a small map I was surprised that they get as high as 900. I think this happened because the author has put so many complex brushes in one area.

So overall Turmoil is very professional, especially when you consider that this is a first release. However it continues the trend of maps which contain no apparent theme. I have said this before in my review of Scuttle but I may as well say it again. Running around shooting people in a generic deathmatch map (ie: those best described as some kind of factory, alien outpost or military base) can be fun for a while but they seem to have very limited long-term appeal. Very few levels these days show much variety or ingenuity. Level designers seems to be under the impression that if they don't design their map to a rigid set of rules then it will not be well received by the community. But they are absolutely wrong, be as different as you can. Make the kind of maps that you actually WANT to make. The Half-Life engine has a huge potential for variety, and I think that what has been achieved by mappers so far (even though we have seen a lot of excellent maps in the last few years) is only the tip of the iceberg. On these grounds I don't think maps such as Turmoil can really be awarded a grade any higher than a C. Apart from the limited creativity displayed in Turmoil, it is still a very well made map and once the author figures out what he wants to achieve with his levels then his later releases will definatly be worth looking out for.