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Wednesday 5th June 2002
Now that my exams are over (woohoo!) the updates should start coming a bit faster ("yeah right" I hear you say). Heres a review of a level I found on the SnarkPit forums. Hopefully, if laziness doesn't start to creep up on me, there should be another update later on today (or early on Thursday morning).

Reduction (by Fletch)

Wednesday 29th May 2002
I posted a short list of links to level design articles I think you should read. It should provide some interesting reading whilst you're waiting for new reviews. Its only a small list, but I intend to update it. Go and take a look :)

Sunday 26th May 2002
Another Hall of Fame entry for this afternoon. This one was suggested by the last person to join the Hall of Fame, Peter Manson.

Chaocity 3.0 (by Sulsa)

Saturday 25th May 2002
Another review for you this morning/afternoon (just turned 12 o clock). Hopefully when my exams are over (damn A-Levels!!!) the updates will be a bit more consistent :) S.W.

Echo (by ReNo)

Update: Posted the second Hall of Fame entry this afternoon. Wow, two reviews in one day. This must be a personal record :)

Merlin (by Peter Manson)

Saturday 11th May 2002
I've added links to all the old sections, such as reviews and interviews. Some sections (such as About) are still under construction. Also I've got a new review (not a HOF entry) for you this morning. Go have and have a look :) S.W.

Feud (by SuperCrazy)

Thursday 9th May 2002
've finally go off my fat, lazy ass and done some work. The first entry into the Hall of Fame is Anarchy.

Monday 15th April 2002
No submissions or nominations for the Hall of Fame or VHOH yet. But I have had some submissions for reviews. BTW the above links won't be up and running till tomorrow at the latest. Thanks to everyone thats emailed so far :) S.W.

Sunday 14th April 2002
Sorry the sites still a little bare. I should have some reviews posted this week. It'll take a while to get back into a rhythm. Don't let that stop you from sending submissions, nominations etc. Thanks :) S.W.

BTW, many thanks to ReNo for pimping us on his website. He's recently released the final beta of his latest map, CM_Arena. Head over to his site and download it. I'm sure he'll greatly appreciate any feedback. S.W.

Saturday 6th April 2002
Welcome saints and sinners to the reincarnation of VeNgEaNcE's House of Horrors. So whats happened to the site you ask? Well instead of trying to review any old new map that comes out I decided to take a look at both ends of the mapping spectrum. In the Hall Of Fame you'll get to see the creme de la creme, levels which excel in all areas, or maybe one in particular. In the House of Horrors, our old cynical, world-weary friend VeNgEaNcE will be taking a look at some of the worst abominations currently floating around the depths of the inferno. If you wish to nominate any maps for either section, or submit one of your first attempts to the House of Horrors (I know mine will be in there somewhere), then email me at swright84@hotmail.com. I hope to keep this site up and running as long as possible, but due to other time constraints, progress may be very slow. Any comments, suggestions at this point are greatly appreciated. Happy mapping! S.W.