Level Design Articles
Compiled by: VeNgEaNcE

Just a list of articles and links to do with level design in general. This is a list of resources that I think any serious mapper should read. Don't take what they say as the only way to do things. But hopefully it will give you a few ideas and provide an insight into different ways of looking at level design. Please email if you find anything you thing I should add. Happy reading!

The Art and Science of Level Design By Cliff Bleszinski - A fairly long article which explains what it means to be a level designer. It also contains some useful design techniques. Theres some useful information about risk incentive here aswell.

Half-Life Editing Tips By Dave Johnston - A very useful selection of miscellaneous Half-Life editing tips.

Ideals of Design By autolycus - An short article which suggests several factors that make a good level.

Flow 'n' stuff By Nachimir - A must read. This was written with Unreal Tournament in mind, but many of the priciples can be applied to Half-Life.

Design Considerations for Deathmatch Mapping - By Sulsa - A series of fantastic articles by Chaocity3's designer. It goes through many of the factors that make a great Half-Life level, but the most important lesson you can take away is what Sulsa says about the 'rules' of level design.

Thats all for now. I know I've seen more that I'd like to post, but I need to have a look round for them. Check back here again soon for an update. S.W.


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